Visiting Hoover Dam and Hiking the Mojave

Hoover Damn Nevada Arizona - Travellistic My first trip out of the Las Vegas, Nevada area included Hoover Dam and the Mojave National Preserve. I also swung by some sites of importance for Fallout: New Vegas fans, such as Nipton, a sign for Cottonwood Cove, Primm and Buffalo Bill’s hotel with its famous roller coaster (known as Bison Steve’s in Fallout: New Vegas).

Hoover Dam, like Lake Mead, is very close to Las Vegas. So, not surprisingly, there were a lot of people there. The dam itself is a pretty amazing feat of engineering but it actually wasn’t as big as I expected. All I could think about while I walked along the road on top was – how cool would it be to Australian rappel down this! It also made me think of the James Bond flick GoldenEye when Bond bungee jumps off of the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland (which normal people can now do).

Hoover Dam Sign at Border - Travellistic

Another cool thing about this trip is that I was able to hike out near Cima Dome, so California is now added to the growing list of states I’ve hiked in (I’m aiming for all 50). I saw deer, some little squirrels and a huge colony of ants. No Ant Man though, gotta wait for the movie. The Mojave National Preserve is home to the largest forest of Joshua Trees.

Joshua Trees Mojave National Preserve

One thing that I really liked about being out in the Mojave was how quiet it was. Other than my breathing and a light breeze, it was dead silent. Very relaxing.

Mojave National Preserve

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