Beautiful Joshua Trees in the Mojave National Preserve

In 2012, I had the pleasure of working in Las Vegas for a few months.

During one of my weekends, I drove over to the Mojave National Preserve to hike Cima Dome, which was really fun.

One thing many people don’t know is that Mojave National Preserve is home to two of the world’s largest Joshua Tree forests. They’re interesting, gnarly looking trees with a lot of character.

If you’re heat averse, you can drive through the Mojave and enjoy the trees from your air conditioned seat in the car. But I highly recommend getting out and walking one of the trails. It’s easy to find a peaceful and absolutely silent spot. Read a book, watch the sunset, or go on a real hike.

Joshua Tree Mojave National Preserve

Oh yeah, you might like to know that although it’s rare for an attack you should keep an eye out for mountain lions. Be sure to read the signs so you know what to do. Tip #1: Don’t run. (Seriously.)

Joshua Trees in Mojave National Preserve

Trees. Trees. Trees. More trees!

Joshua Tree Mountain Mojave

“One time I saw a tiny Joshua tree sapling growing not too far from the old tree. I wanted to dig it up and replant it near our house. I told Mom that I would protect it from the wind and water it every day so that it could grow nice and tall and straight. Mom frowned at me. “You’d be destroying what makes it special,” she said. “It’s the Joshua tree’s struggle that gives it its beauty.” ― Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

Joshua Tree Mojave Landscape

Like I mentioned, I hiked out to Cima Dome. I also walked a few other trails, some had information signs, others were just old dirt roads. You can hike Hole-in-the-Wall Canyon, see old ghost towns, or photograph a beautiful landscape.

Interested in visiting Mojave National Preserve? Click here for more information.

Have you been to the Mojave? Leave a comment!

Tim at Mojave National Preserve

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