A Day at the Beach on Sanibel Island

Bridge to Sanibel Island Florida I’ve been in sunny Fort Myers, Florida since December. But for various work-related reasons, Tuesday, February 7th was my first day at the beach. I decided to pick up a rental car and drive up to Sanibel Island.

The drive out to Sanibel is nice once you get over having to pay $6.00 on the toll bridge. In the Northwest we don’t have such things so it was quite a surprise.

Along several stretches there is bright blue water on either side and it just looks amazing. There are also several small beaches along the low portions of the bridge to Sanibel that you can stop at. It seemed to be mostly fishermen and tourists taking pictures. They weren’t the kind of beaches you would relax and sunbathe on.

Seashells and People Sanibel Beach

Once in Sanibel I just kind of drove around until I found a place that said “Beach Parking”. Although I had to pay, it was a nice reminder of home because the payment kiosk ($2.00/hr) is very similar to the parking meters in Portland, Oregon (like when I go to Powell’s Books). From the parking lot it is a short walk down the road and across one street to a handicap parking lot which has bathrooms and showers to rinse the sand and salt water off. Just a little further and…I made it to the beach!

The beach is quite different from the one I visited in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a mix of soft white sand and crushed up seashells. In fact, just past the waterline it looked like primarily crushed seashells. For the most part it’s comfortable to walk on but you get the occasionally sharp poke. The soft sand down by the water is really nice though.

I enjoyed a little bit of swimming. At least until I noticed a few shark fins poking out of the water! Holy hell! I was surrounded too. I froze as if they were a pack of t-rex. You remember that scene from Jurassic Park right? They can’t see you if you don’t move.

You can’t imagine how fast I got out of the water.

A little later, I noticed a few more swimming along the shore in surprisingly shallow water (waist deep to less than knee deep). Of course, once I got over the shock and thought to grab my phone so I could take a picture they were gone. I spotted a few rays swimming past as well but I couldn’t get a good shot. Swimming with turtles in Hawaii was fun but not nearly as, um, exciting. haha!

After that bit of excitement I sat back and watched the sunset.

Watching Sunset Sanibel Florida

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