Climbing 1.6 km of Stairs to N Seoul Tower (N 서울타워)

N Seoul Tower Namsan - Travellistic N Seoul Tower (aka – Namsan Tower) is the most recognizable landmark in Seoul. At night it’s even more spectacular.

This was my first trip to Seoul and my first time on the subway. My only prior experience with subways was in Washington, DC and I’d say the subway here is just as easy to navigate. Just grab a free route map at the ticket booth and you’re good to go. I used my T-Money card to pay the fare (roughly 2,000 Won) from Sadang Station to Myeon-dong Station where I got off.

From the metro station, I just walked in the direction of Namsan where I could see Seoul Tower peeking through the buildings. Once I got to the base of the mountain, it was a mere 1.6 km (1-mile) of stairs to the summit, a water vending machine (1,000 Won), and Seoul Tower (N 서울타워).

Despite being a tourist destination, it’s not terribly overpriced. You have to buy a ticket to take the elevator up to the Observation Deck which is 9,000 Won per person. There are package deals for couples.

Feeling hungry? No problem. There are several places to eat, buy snacks, or get dessert at Cold Stone Creamery.

Visiting N Seoul Tower

The view of Seoul from the Observation Deck is impressive. I bet it’s even more beautiful at night. On the windows are the names of cities in that direction and the distance they are from Seoul. After strolling around, you can send a postcard from the world’s highest post office. Post cards run about 2,200 Won and international stamps run 400 Won.

If you visit Namsan with your sweetheart, you can attach a lock to one of the love trees or the fence at the base of the tower. It’s similar to the bridge in Paris, France but I don’t think you toss your key into the forest.

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Check out the Visit Korea site.

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Love Locks at Seoul Namsan Tower - Travellistic

Visiting Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, South Korea

Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon South Korea South Korea is full of interesting and historic sites. From Buddhist temples to royal palaces, burial grounds, and even the modern Seoul Tower. One of the more historic sites is Hwaseong Fortress, about 30-minutes south of Seoul in Suwon.

Hwaseong is one of South Korea’s 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the main tourist draw in Suwon.

It’s an impressive structure that was built hundreds of years ago. The wall is 5.7 km long, yet it only took about 2-years to build!

The wall has a lot of interesting features including signaling tower, crossbow platforms, massive gates, and a giant bell atop a small mountain.

Take a look at some of what you’ll see when you arrive.

Exploring Hwaseong Fortress

There is also a history museum that you can check out plus you can walk around the palace building to see where the King hung out.

Price: 1,000 Won ticket (put the sticker on your shirt), the Palace and Museum are extra)
Transportation: Take Bus #13 From Suwon Station/AK Plaza (about 1,000 Won)