Interview with Alexander from GoEuro

GoEuro Home Sometimes planning a trip will include several forms of transportation. For example, when I leave Korea next year I could take a bus, subway, or train to the airport. It sure would be nice to see on one screen which one is cheapest and which is quickest, right?

Well that’s the aim of GoEuro. While they don’t operate in Korea right now, you can book multiple modes of transportation in Europe (currently optimized for Germany, Spain & the UK).

GoEuro’s simple interface gives you important information about how to get to your destination and the time it will take. So, for example if you’re taking a flight GoEuro will also show the time and cost of getting to the airport.

GoEuro Interview

Alexander from the GoEuro team was nice enough to answer some questions I had. Here’s what he had to say.

Can GoEuro be used to book a multi-leg journey around Europe?

That’s exactly what GoEuro is striving towards. At the moment, we have the most coverage in the UK, Germany and Spain. That means we can offer the whole range of air and ground transportation between any destinations within these countries. So if you want to travel from, for example, Heidelberg to Cambridge – two lovely cities with no airports –, we can combine and even compare trains, buses and flights accordingly. Obviously, our long-term goal is to be able to compare and combine every possible mode of transportation that is available throughout Europe and we are busy adding new partners in both existing and new countries .

For those looking to get off the beaten path, can GoEuro help people traveling to, or between, small towns or villages?

The flight comparison websites we all know only take you from airport to airport. We wanted to build a service that is better adapted to travellers’ needs and not the other way around. With GoEuro, you aren’t just restricted to flights. You can search more naturally, as we provide you with an overview of all possible transport options. This helps you to get to your actual destination in the way that’s best for you.

We’re the only service out there that brings together all the information needed to choose a full journey. GoEuro removes the pain of navigating a sea of open tabs, compiling all the data and making it clear and comprehensible with just one search.

Booking with GoEuro is free to use and there are no additional fees to the user!

What is the biggest hurdle the company faces in tackling the “multi-modal travel” problem?

It’s crucial to our mission to work directly with as many providers as possible. Therefore, our biggest challenge is the integration of all the data that comes with new partners. Everytime we start working with a new bus or train company or airline we’re getting their data through different formats or APIs – we then have to adapt our algorithms rather than just applying one standard approach.

GoEuro approaches travel booking at a new angle, has it been challenging to get travelers out of the airport focused mode and into a destination based way of thinking?

We are working on it! We all are so used to searching from airport to airport, it’s not an easy process changing people’s mindsets. But we believe that are product is great and from our feedback we know that we’re headed in the right direction. In the end, GoEuro gives people the opportunity to search in a more intuitive way by also providing alternatives you might not even have thought of.

Over the years, I’ve noticed other travel booking sites have added the ability to book destination specific options like events or activities. Is this something GoEuro will be looking into including as well? Or will the site remain focused on transportation itself?

Right now we’re focused on making our product better by adding more countries, transportation providers and improving the usability of our website. At the moment, we’re already recommending activities and accommodation options straight after booking.

Currently, search results can be sorted by price and travel duration. Are there any plans to expand sorting or filtering options?

We’re certainly not ruling anything out. We’re aware that there are numerous ways to tailor results to searchers’ needs and we plan to implement everything that really adds more value to the product.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

We’re already working hard to bring GoEuro as an app to smartphones. And of course we will continue to expand, adding new countries to the platform as soon as we can offer complete coverage on all three transport modes in each individual country. We plan to be live in a fourth country by the end of the year! We’re also constantly adding new talent to our hard-working and dedicated team, which now comprises more than 40 people from over 15 countries. So if you’re a travel enthusiast looking to work in a fast-moving and international environment, make sure to check our job offers!

Thanks for chatting, Alexander!

Using GoEuro

As an example, here are two screenshots of a hypothetical trip from Berlin, Germany to Cambridge, UK.

GoEuro Screenshot Berlin to Cambridge

This shot is sorted by cheapest price.

GoEuro Route Berlin to Cambridge

Click “Show Route” to see each leg of the trip broken down.