Visiting Seoul Grand Park: Seoul Zoo

Tucked in at the base of a small mountain is Seoul Grand Park, a place where the whole family can have fun.

Seoul Grand Park includes Seoul Zoo, Seoul Land amusement park, a children’s zoo, a rose garden, the Sky Lift, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, a botanical garden, a campground, and a forest exhibition.

This place really caters to couples and families. I definitely stood out being the only person at the zoo that was solo. It was quite noticeable unlike when I went to Seoul Tower.

Seoul Grand Park Map

Several of my students told me the zoo was really fun and worth checking out. While I’m not generally a fan of zoos, I wanted to see how it compared to other zoos I’ve been to in America.

Seoul Zoo Sign - Travellistic

A Day at Seoul Zoo

Since I rode the Skylift to the top of the zoo, I started out near the bears which included the adorable red panda. These were one of the most active animals in the whole zoo. They were running around, playing, climbing all over the trees, and chasing each other. It was fun to watch but the pictures didn’t come out well at all. And as always, I felt bad that they were couped up in such a small space.

Cute Bear - Seoul Zoo

Another great exhibit was the bison. You wouldn’t think they would be all that interesting in a zoo setting but they were remarkably social. One in particular liked to hang out by the fence, poking his face through, flicking his tongue out to pull at bits of grass, and turning his massive head up every few minutes to look you over with an enormous brown eye. Then, he’d charge around the area, make some noises, and trot back to the fence to resume his eyeballing. I carefully reached out to touch his furry head. He seemed to like having it scratched.

Friendly Bison at Seoul Zoo

Birds at Seoul Zoo

As I was leaving the zoo, it started to pour down rain. Not wanting to look like I came from a wet t-shirt contest, I took the train from the zoo to the park entrance. It was a nice way to end several hours of walking. Curiously, it stopped raining once we got off the train.

Giraffes Seoul Zoo

Tornado Chips - Travellistic While you’re wandering around, munch on some tornado chips. It’s a potato that is sliced in a curl, placed on a stick, coated in batter, fried, and then dusted with a spicy, cheese-flavored powder. Tornado chips are a tasty treat but I think it’d be better with minced bacon or a spicy, ramyeon flavor.

So, should you go to Seoul Zoo?

If you like zoos, or you’re traveling with young kids, then I think it’s worth it if you have the time. I would recommend eating outside of the zoo. The food isn’t crazy overpriced like back home but you can get cheaper snacks from the many vendors lining the walkway from the subway to the park.


Seoul Zoo (Adult): 3,000 won
1-Way Sky Lift (Adult): 5,000 won
Train (Adult): 1,000 won
Tornado Chips: 2,000 won (small) or 3,000 won (large)

Visit the Seoul Zoo website.

Getting There

Take Seoul Metro Line #1 and get off at Seoul Grand Park.

Have you been to Seoul Zoo? Let me know in the comments below.

Thumb Statue Seoul Zoo

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